One Year Foundation Course (OYFC)

(For Class VIII & X Studying Students)

About Us.....

“NARAYANA is the only institute in India which is producing minimum 2 ranks in top 10 consistently since 2006 with the maximum success of 6 ranks in top 10 of IITJEE 2010 which is the benchmark for any institute.”

East Delhi Branch Result-2014 No. of Selection
IMO 16
NSO 18

NARAYANA IIT/PMT Academy is the flagship institute of NARAYANA Group of Educational Institutions. Started in 2004 in commemoration of NARAYANA Group’s Silver Jubilee celebration. We have more than 180 Junior Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh where we are imparting integrated coaching to students and our expertise over the years has resulted in excellent performance of our students in various examinations. All this has been possible due to its innovation, commitment and academic excellence along with the dedication of faculty members, support staff, & meeting the aspirations of the students.

Reinforcing the base for future…

One Year Foundation Course, a unique classroom programme that targets overall development of students in secondary classes by providing them exhaustive and in depth coverage of Science and Mathematics Subjects of CBSE syllabus, enhancing analytical skills and exploring the thrills & joy of meeting challenges of competitive Exams like NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiad etc.

How to Gain that Extra Edge?

This course has been designed to make students understand the key basic concepts of Science & Mathematics subjects of CBSE syllabus for respective Class (VIII & X) rather than mere memorizing and cramming. It will help students to secure good marks in final exams. This Classroom Program will also form the foundation of developing all the techniques required to excel in various professional entrance exams like JEE Mains, Advanced & Pre-Medical Entrance Exams and various other competitive Exams.

Course Highlights:

  • To impart knowledge related to important concepts of Science and Mathematics.
  • To teach problem solving techniques.
  • To develop and enhance creativity & reasoning skills.
  • To provide special orientation for NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiads Etc.

What you get at NARAYANA IIT/PMT Academy ?

  • Comprehensive quality study material with adequate number of problems for practice. Exclusively prepared by the NARAYANA’s R&D Cell.
  • Special inputs for competitive examinations like NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiad etc.
  • NARAYANA’S teaching methodology revolves around prime attention on clarity of concepts with remedial measures in identified weak areas.
  • In addition to the phase tests, there will be periodical quizzes & mock tests conducted at regular intervals of time for which micro-level analysis will be provided.
  • Regular feedbacks & test analysis sessions.
  • Inputs for Time Management.
  • Special Doubt Clearing Cell (SDCC) with highly congenial atmosphere and strict discipline.
  • Parent Teacher Meeting at regular intervals.
  • Series of mock tests before the class VIII & X annual exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Question:Students are better prepared psychologically for competitive examinations only after class X.


All the competitive exams, which come after class X requires clarity of basic concepts and their application, most of these basic concepts come for the first time at secondary level itself. Hence for a good foundation student should be psychologically prepared from secondary level onwards.

Question:Students who perform exceedingly well in class X Boards stand a fair chance to succeed at Competitive Exams.


Students who have understood the basic concepts well at secondary level, and are able to correlate & apply these basic Concepts in various problems in Class XI & XII, stands a fair chance to succeed at the highest level in competitive Exams.

Question:Who all should join the Foundation Course?


Students studying in secondary level, who want to excel in their school annual exams. Students who want to develop clarity of concepts at the foundation level itself for competitive Exams & Students who want to build a positive self-esteem in their overall development need to join the Foundation Course.

Question:Private Tuitions provide more individual attention than Institutes?


Individual attention is not the essence of being successful at the highest level. What is required is over all development of a student in a systematic & Scientific approach. However, in Foundation Course students are provided individual attention in the form of Special Doubt Clearing Cell (SDCC).

Question:How Foundation Course differ from private tuitions?


Foundation Course offers exhaustive, complete and in depth coverage of syllabus along with comprehensive study material, homework assignments, competitive environment, Special inputs for NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiad exams etc., besides Library with all kind of competitive books along with reading room facility, where as private tuitions may just help in getting a student the answer to his/her problem irrespective whether the student has understood or not.

Question:What additional benefits will a student get in Foundation Course ?


Foundation Course is designed to empower the students in learning various problem-solving techniques, enhancing their analytical skills, building up of examination temperament among students besides conducting motivational sessions to help students think & work independently.

One Year Foundation Course (VIII & X)

The whole syllabus of Science & Mathematics will be exhaustively covered in three Phases, in addition there would be regular periodical quizzes & mock tests on competitive exams i.e. NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiads, etc. The complete syllabus in each year would be over by the end of December. After which there would be mock tests on syllabus of Science & Mathematics as per the pattern of respective class annual Exams.

Note : Schedule of the academic curriculum will be given to the students at the time of class commencement and at regular intervals during the tenure of the program.

Types of CoursesEligibility
FD1 – VIIIVII Appearing / Appeared
FD1 – XIX Appearing / Appeared

Batch Option

Regular Batch :

Students are generally called 3 days in a week. During vacations the classes can be held in the morning hours as well.

Weekend Batch:

Classes will be held only on weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday (except during vacations, when the frequency of the classes can be increased). Each day there would be three Classes of 2 hours each (From morning till evening).

Note: Batch formation is subject to requisite no. of students essential for a competitive batch size.

Fee Payment Plans


Amount Payable to NARAYANAService Tax#Total including Service TaxInstallment DateMode of Payment
Admission Fee 10,000 1,450 10,305At the time of AdmissionPayment is to be paid by Demand Draft/Pay Order only
Infrastructure Cost Fee 11,000 1,595 12,022
Tuition Fee* 11,500 1,667 13,167
Books and Study Material Cost 3,500 0 3,500
Sub Total (A) 36,000 4,712 38,994
Examination Fee3,500 507 4,007 15.09.2016
Tuition Fee* 12,500 1,812 14,312
Sub Total (B)16,000 2,319 18,319
Tuition Fee* (C) 12,500 1,812 14,312 15.11.2016
Total 64,500 8,843 73,343


Amount Payable to NARAYANAService Tax#Total including Service TaxInstallment DateMode of Payment
Admission Fee 10,000 1,450 11,450At the time of AdmissionPayment is to be paid by Demand Draft/Pay Order only
Infrastructure Cost Fee 11,000 1,595 12,595
Books and Study Material Cost 5,000 0 5,000
Examination Fee 4,000 580 4,580
Tuition Fee* 25,000 3,625 28,625
Total 55,000 7,250 62,250

*Tuition fee includes Classroom Program Teaching.
*Any Concession / Scholarship being awarded to student will be applicable on TUITION FEE only.
#The present rate of Service Tax including educational Cess & Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC) is 14.5%. Service tax once paid is neither adjusted nor refundable (Service Tax is applicable as per the Govt. Rules).

  1. Cheque / DD/ Pay Order made in favour of Narayana Learning Private Limited payable at Delhi.

Fee concession category

(A) 10% Fee Concession will be given to school teacher’s ward
(B) 25% Fee Concession will be given to NTSE / JSTSE Scholars.
(C) 15% Additional Fee Concession will be given to the Girl Child over & above the scholarship of admission test.

*Scholarship Category

Scholarship will be awarded upto 50% based on the performance in the admission test.

Note :

  1. 10% scholarship will be reduced if the student appears in any of the subsequent admission cum scholarship test.
    For example : If “x” Appears in the Admission test on 10th April and avails a scholarship of 20% on the basis of performance and If ”x” reappears in 24th April Admission Test and avails a scholarship of 40% then the scholarship will be reduced by 10% because of reappearance and applicable scholarship will be 30%.
  2. Any Concession / Scholarship being awarded to student will be applicable on tuition fee only.


SubjectPattern TimingNote
I.Q., Science & MathsObjective04:00 PM – 05:30 PMThere will be negative marking.

Registration Procedure:

Submit duly filled registration form along with two passport size photographs, registration fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) by cash / Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of Narayana Learning Private Limited Payable at Delhi along with the mark sheet photocopy of last examination at our Study Centre.

Last Date to Register : One day before the test.

Note:(i)A sample Model Test Paper will be given to the registered students to ensure that they are able to understand the pattern and are able to perform to their optimum.
(ii)Registration fee is neither adjusted in admission fee amount nor it is refundable.
(iii)Admission in the above programme is subject to terms and conditions of the respective centre, where a student seeking the admission.
(iv)Narayana IIT /PMT Academy, reserves the right to change / cancel any programme, eligibility criteria or course fee without any prior notice.

#Transport facility available