Foundation Courses

This programme is a step forward in laying a strong foundation from the beginning stage and to make students understand the concept of science and mathematics rather than mere memorizing and cramming. It will also help a student to secure good marks. It will include comprehensive coverage of CBSE syllabus in a synchronized way and all those additional and relevant topics of higher level, analytical skills, problem solving ability required for various competitive examinations (such as NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, JSTSE etc.).

SNO Class Courses
1. For Class VIII & X Studying StudentsOne Year Foundation Course (OYFC)
2. For Class IX Studying StudentsTwo Year Foundation Course (TYFC)
3. For Class X Studying StudentsThree Year Integrated Classroom Program (TYIICP)
4. For Class IX Studying StudentsFour Year Integrated Classroom Program (FYIICP)